Blue Hawk Tactical

Track Record


Why Choose Us?

  1. Leaders in our Sector
  2. We provide Tactical, Guarding and Specialised Security for Mining and Manufacturing facilities who are victims of the scourge of illegal mining and related crimes.
    1. We develop intelligence
    2. We provide Efficient Guarding
    3. We protect your assets and provide effective access controL
  3. Over 1,200 criminals apprehended within the past 18 month period
  4. Crimes we have stopped:
    1. Internal Theft at our Client’s Companies: Including Stock and Assets
    2. Armed Robbery – Business and Residential
    3. Illegal Weapons
    4. Illegal Mining
    5. Hijacking
    6. Cash In Transit
    7. Drug Dealing
    8. House Robbery
    9. Rhino-Poaching

Anti – Illegal Mining Unit has arrested multiple zama zama‘s for the past 6 years. Take back control of your mining operation by deploying our guarding and Tactical Response Teams in unison to achieve a criminal free underground working area

Multiple illegal weapons confiscated during joint operations with the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) Tracing Unit

Illegal Mining intruders arrested during an underground raid. Closely guarded by our Belgian Malinois K-9 Unit. Explosives, detonators and other devices also confiscated in underground and surface raids.

Cash Recovered following CIT criminals arrests                                 Illegal Weapons Recovered                                             R8mil in electronics, alcohol and medicine recovered