1. Install an Alarm System Linked to your service provider with sensors in your home
  2. Install Outside Beams so that if an intruder jumps over your wall, the alarm goes off, and response vehicle notified before intruder gets to your window or door to break in (pre-emptive alert). Arm the Beams on a STAY function at night while you are inside your home for extra peace of mind
  3. Install an Electric Fence on your wall and above your gate so that if an intruder jumps the wall, the alarm goes off and notifies the service provider of a break in (pre-emptive alert)
  4. Install lights in your garden so that intruders cannot prowl onto your property in the dark and responders can easily see who is there when they respond to an alarm
  5. Have your Mobile and Fixed Panic buttons installed
  6. Test your Panic Button every 14 days by calling into the Control Room During office hours and testing it (load shedding and power outages do affect alarm systems its important to test regularly)
  7. Buy an extra Battery for your alarm so that during load shedding your system continues to work
  8. Make sure you put barbed wire on any telephone, power pole from the municipality that may be leaning against your wall so intruders cannot easily access it to gain entry
  9. Make sure you have boards on your wall outside your property indicating you have a response company protecting you, if you need extra boards, please call our Control Room to arrange
  10. If you are not connected to BHT, please call us and we will do a free risk assessment once you sign up with BHT

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