Mining security  

Blue Hawk Tactical understands the mining process and environment. This understanding enables us to integrate effective guarding through a combination of highly-trained, specialist officers and our advanced monitoring systems. Our mining safety and guarding services include coal. gold, platinum and diamond mining operations. Blue Hawk Tactical establishes a network of key players in order to safeguard the livelihood and security of your mine. This network includes informants, local, regional and national investigators, patrol dogs, guards, escort services and intelligence databases and information.

Our services in this sector include: 

  • Guarding
  • Tactical facility protection
  • Anti-illegal mining operations and interventions
  • Air support 
  • Helicopter support and escort
  • Armoured vehicle protection
  • Remote CCTV monitoring and installation

Anti-illegal mining operations are curbed through the following means: 

  • The patrol and monitoring of hotspots on the East Rand, Springs, Benoni, Boksburg and Germiston 
  • The deployment of our Defensive Strategies Unit
  • BHT relies on the efficiency of Advanced Radar and Drone Patrols. Advanced radar technology can detect intruders in a plant or mining area with 95% accuracy. Our drones are synchronised with tactical teams. 
  • Military team members trained in the arrest of illegal miners and the recovery of gold bearing ore, explosives, weapons and the destruction of illegal mining equipment.

To date our interventions have resulted in the arrests of over 6000 illegal miners through joint operations with local law enforcement and our own protective detail and the recovery of over 500 tons of stolen gold bearing ore. 

Blue Hawk Tactical was tasked to take care of intruders, illegal miners, cable thieves, pipe thieves on the dumps of Ergo Mining Brakpan Tailings and the City Deep facility when lockdown was implemented in March 2020. The Client had been experiencing difficulties with pipeline theft, vandalism, intruders and illegal mining activity. 

In order to secure the facilities the following measures were implemented by Blue Hawk Tactical: 

  • 5 Vehicles were deployed 24/7 comprising 2 intervention members per vehicle. These members were armed with rifles, hand guns and shotguns 
  • The Dump mining areas and pump stations were secured by BHT, and to date over 100 intruders/criminals have been arrested. 
  • Since the BHT intervention there has been no cable or pipe theft. 
  • BHT was then appointed in July 2020 with an extension of scope contract. 
  • Recently BHT and local law enforcement conducted operations at a site about 1km from the main site. This resulted in various arrests of illegal miners and the confiscation of mining equipment. 
  • BHT regularly conducts drone recon missions of the known hot spots in the vicinity.
  • Missions are then conducted at these hot spots resulting in the arrests of various illegal miners, and recovery of explosives, material and equipment.