Blue Hawk Tactical

hawk track

Virtual Security Management

We have various technologies and mechanisms used to monitor our security personnel , their incident reporting and arrests customised under the HAWK TRACK brand.

The Hawk Track device, is a management and reporting device, where the officer manages their shift/s. Each device registers on a cloud based system accessible to our supervisor in our control room and master operators. Each device has GPS based reporting, for patrolling), and logging incidents that take place.


Each device has a communication mechanism and an electronic instructions centre , procedures, and emergency panic noti cation to our control room

Each report type can be emailed, sms’d, or a voice call can be logged to a Supervisor or a Client nominated representative. For example, if there is a breach in the perimeter fencing, or area, it can be logged on the system which will pinpoint it via GPS, and send a report to the Client and Manager if necessary

The HAWK TRACK offering also can cater for pre authorized guest control which reports to Clients via an APP based system with security control room interaction features