Blue Hawk Tactical

Drone deployment services

  • Drones can be used on a pre determined flight path guarding your perimeters
  • When a Radar or Pipe Monitoring Technology Sensors Detect an anomaly, the reaction time to the threat is immediate with the use of a Drone
security guard
  • First: A Mavic Dual Enterprise or Custom Designed Drone will be launched if not already in the air to assess the threat operated by our on the ground eld operatives. The Drone is directed to the alerted area on the detection sensor nav point and the drone allows the security team to receive quick feedback as to what is causing the trigger. Thermal Imaging for night time patrolling makes the response team aware of number of potential criminals breaking into the facility or accessing the asset being tracked.
  • Second: A Reaction Team can then respond and move into the target area of the threat with situational awareness of the position and level of threat