Blue Hawk Tactical

[tt_gm_info_block_shortcode sort_1=”o-subtitle” sort_2=”o-title” sort_3=”o-blockquote” sort_4=”o-separator” title=”Effective Security Solutions” title_size=”30″ title_space=”30″ title_color=”#2c2e30″ subtitle=”Safe and Secure” blq=”-: We have highly trained staff available that implement security measures around any Retail, Commercial or Industrial Site.” blq_space=”30″ sp_space=”40″ b_title=”Email” link=”” txt_color=”#ccd613″ line=”yes”][/tt_gm_info_block_shortcode][tt_gm_list_shortcode][tt_gm_list_item_shortcode title=” -: + 27 (0)861 248 911″ type_icon=”fa fa-phone-square”][tt_gm_list_item_shortcode title=”-:” type_icon=”fa fa-envelope-square”][tt_gm_list_item_shortcode title=” -: South Africa Central African Time Zone (GMT+2)” type_icon=”fa fa-home”][tt_gm_list_item_shortcode title=” -: Monday to Friday 07h30 – 17h00″ type_icon=”fa fa-clock-o”][tt_gm_list_item_shortcode title=” -: No 1 Hospital Road Brakpan Gauteng” type_icon=”fa fa-location-arrow”][tt_gm_list_item_shortcode title=” -: Stand 114, Phumlani Trust, White River Mpumalanga” type_icon=”fa fa-location-arrow”][/tt_gm_list_shortcode]

Who is Blue Hawk Tactical

We provide Effective Security Solutions 
Quality well trained guards supported by over 100 years of management experience
Safe and Secure

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