Arrest and Public Protection

Blue Hawk Tactical have played an instrumental role in their community in assisting with and facilitation the arrests of many criminals. These arrests have been made across various industries that include: 

  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Mining 
Our arrest track record 2021 

Blue Hawk Tactical have an impressive arrest track record that has greatly assisted in the reduction of crime and the overall safety and security of their community.

  • 1113 criminal arrests that include murderers, house robbers, hijackers, armed robbers, drug detalers and fraudsters (over 6000 arrests since 2015)
  • 238 vehicle recoveries through combined intelligence from LPR, TrackerSA, Camera Networks and Security Networks or intel from our JOC groups
  • 24 firearms and weapons recovered
  • Multimple incidents where women and children were rescued from burning houses and providing medical response to incidents
  • 10 473 responses to WhatsApp Alerts across our community
  • Our vehicles travelled an impressive 496 980km during 2021 to ensure the safety of our community