Blue Hawk Tactical


Blue Hawk Tactical’s specialty is the securing of Client’s mining operations. Anti-Illegal Mining has been one of the pillars of Blue Hawk Tactical’s strength.

Our teams are trained with military or anti-poaching backgrounds. We have successfully arrested over 2000 criminals over 30 months, involved in illegal mining and other crimes. From the securing of underground shafts through frequent missions undertaken, to the securing of high value processing plants, dumps and mining areas, we leave no stone unturned and make sure illegal miners or armed criminals and intruders are kept at bay or hunted on your facility for arrest

Zama Zama Tracking

Our resources include an array of armoured vehicles, helicopters for airborne round up of zama zamas or tracking,
vehicle tracking, LPR Technology, drones, covert camera systems, pipe monitoring technology, cell phone tracking,
perimeter defense systems supported by a fleet of response vehicles and members

Work we Have Done

In the mining industry work has been done for Clients such as DRD Gold, Goldplat Recovery, Gravelotte Mines, Newcogold, Smilodon Mining, Manhattan Corporation and Anglo American Coal amongst others. Since 2004, the principals of Blue Hawk Tactical have provided security guarding implementation and management, Tactical Teams, Airborne Transit, Vehicle Transit, Close Protection and Facility Management to mining companies

Check Us in Action

Our philosophy is ACTA NON VERBA – Deeds Not Words

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