Blue Hawk Tactical

Our Business

Add Your HeadBlue Hawk Tactical is part of the BI Protection Group which has been involved in the services sector for 29 years. Our organisation has many divisions in the following sectors including Engineering, Mining Services, Protection Services and Protection Products

Our Clients

Our Clients include Companies such as Anglo American, DRD Gold, Burgh Holdings, Manhattan Corporation, Gold Plats Recovery, Harmony Gold Mining Group, Glencore, Styldrift Mining, Icon Bricks and Cement, the Consulate of India, Pick n Pay and various education, medical facilities and clinics amongst others.Through collective effort and determination our organization’s passion is to protect people We work tirelessly to ensure that our philosophy is achieved | We Protect You

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

The Company is a Level 2 Broad Based Black Economic Empowered organization and was founded in 2005. Blue Hawk Tactical, is registered with PSIRA (Registration No: 2801156) and is also registered as a National Key Point Security Services provider. The management team has over 100 years of experience in the services and security sectors. We combine latest security technology as part of our service offering as well as military trained units to provide a first line of defense for our Client’s operations

Our organizational creed is ACTA NON VERBA
Deeds not Words