Why Choose Blue Hawk Tactical As Your Security Partner?

Blue Hawk Tactical has been involved in protecting clients in the mining and services sector from high density residential to remote mining areas – both open cast and underground operations, including highly volatile crime environments for the past 32. It is part of the BI Protection Group of companies with interests in other fields including professional services, mining services and health and safety.

Blue Hawk Tactical takes the necessary defensive action to secure the environment of our Principals and Client Operations. From Advanced Technology used to monitor operations, Virtual Guarding, Drone surveillance and Tracking technology to world renowned K9, and Military Tactical Divisions | We Protect You

Blue Hawk Tactical, is registered with PSIRA (Registration No: 2801156), and is also registered as a National Key Point Security Services provider. Our Tactical Teams are military trained and provide a first line of defence for our Client’s operations

The company is endorsed by Yusuf Abramjee, a well-known  social activist and social cohesion advocate who is the head of Tax Justice SA, the Chief Ambassador of the Namola Safety App, Head of Make SA Safe, presenter of Crime Watch and former Journalist, Editor and Head of News

Our Creed is ACTA NON VERBA – Deeds not Words

Leaders in our Sector

We provide Tactical, Guarding and Specialised Security for Mining, Industrial, Residential and Corporate facilities who are victims of the scourge of aggressive criminal activity

  • We have a Zero Tolerance to Crime
  • Our members are incentivized to arrest criminals
  • ARREST STATISTICS : Over 6,000 criminals arrested in the past 6 years
  • Military Trained Tactical Members
  • Regular Anti-Crime Missions
  • Krav Maga In-house Armed Reaction and Intervention Training
  • World-renowned Advanced K9 Security Dog Breeding and Training
  • Latest Technological Advancements in Security, Tracking, Monitoring & Detection  

Our team compromises individuals who are passionate about fighting crime, and protecting you our Clients as well as providing enhanced public order protection services. Each individual has been strategically picked for their dedication or skill set to eradicate crime in our Country. We think out of the box, with a military mindset to overcome criminal activity, and ensure the battle is won on multiple fronts. With superior fire power, training arising from the anti-poaching industry, as well as anti-illegal mining industry our members have tracking and capture abilities not found in other organizations. Our Track Record of arrests, rescues and continued dedication is testament to our pursuit of a society without crime where you can operate your business or live in your home with peace of mind


The Company is a 51 % Black Owned organization, with a Level 2 BEE accreditation. Transformation is key in developing our organization and its growth within South African and through a solid partnership of various principals we are able to achieve our passion – to eradicate crime , and maintain the highest levels of protection in the areas we operate

Blue Hawk Tactical also partakes in the support of various community based initiatives and procurement from HDSA Companies for its operations

Projects include:

  • Agricultural development around the areas of Kingsway in Benoni, along with its social partners.
  • Tracking and advanced technology partnerships to take down flagged vehicles with Level 1 BBBEE Companies
  • Services and products used in our daily operations sourced from Level 1 BBBEE suppliers