Advanced K10 Units

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Blue Hawk Tactical is a Level 2 BBBEE, 51% Black Owned Tactical Security Services Provider. Our Executive has over 100 years of experience in Mining and Industrial Security Sectors. Our Operations Team has an extensive track record in managing guarding , and armed reaction services for a number of local and international blue chip companies ininvolved in Mining, Intruders detection , VIP Protection, Mining Security, High Value Asset Movement, intervention units and Residential Security

Blue Hawk Tactical focuses on providing Effective Security Solutions, giving our clients peace of mind. Our Philosophy is for our Clients to feel Safe and Secure – the right to operate in your home or work environment without fear or interruption

Advanced K10 Units



  • Security Guard Services and Access Control
  • Advanced K9 Unit
  • Tactical Response Units
  • Anti-Illegal Mining
  • Anti-Poaching
  • VIP Protection (CPO)
  • TRANSIT | Escorting of high value assets (Road and Helicopter)
  • CCTV Installation and Monitoring
  • Hawk Track Virtual Guarding | Access Control| Guest authorisation and reporting via an APP based system
  • Armouring of Vehicles B4 - B6
  • Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Drones
  • RFID | GPS tag tracking


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  • Mining
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Airwing / Charter
  • Government
  • Tourism
  • VIP and Celebrity

Anti-Rhino Poaching


Counter-Illegal Mining Operations

advanced k10 Unit
tactical security

Airborne Transit Services

armed response

Background and Track Record

Blue Hawk is able to offer a superior service to the industry moving to a paperless security management system incorporating reporting, access control of visitors, GPS tracking guards, and incident reporting

Blue Hawk was founded upon a foundation of dedication, precision and reliability through committed individuals with years of experience and an outstanding track record in the Protection of Client’s premises and assets as well as a VIP Protection Unit

It holds industry records for the timeous and successful apprehension and arrest of criminals in the mining, government and industrial sectors. In the past 18 months the company has successfully arrested over 1,300 criminals predominantly involved in attempted break-ins, armed robbery or attempted armed robbery in the mining and industrial sectors


Blue Hawk specialises in the securing and guarding of Client premises and their Assets

Clients Include:

Anglo American

GoldPlat PLC

Smilodon Mining

Harmony Gold Mining Group

Active Power

Icon Bricks

Gravelotte Mines Ltd

Styldrift Mining (overland construction project)

Residential Complexes – St Lucia Kwazulu Natal

Jonrick Mining and Engineering

Hoopoe Paydirt

Newco Gold

Manhattan Corporation

Upward Spiral

VIP Protection: Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa

Blue Hawk offers a broad range of Security Services and focuses on being an innovative , and comprehensive security services provider. Our philosophy is to combine Technology, Experience, Professionalism and Tactical Precision that delivers a concise security offering to our Clients.

Intruder detection

Blue Hawk specialises in providing anti poaching services to Clients in the tourism sector


Blue Hawk has been involved in the successful apprehension and arrest of multiple targets who have illegally culled Rhinos for their horns. Guarding services with quality personnel using Hawk Track to monitor security on site, is a successful formula to control and manage operations over vast distances.

Blue Hawk also provides air-wing support for such operations


Blue Hawk has a dedicated control room, based on a fibre supported network. All armed reaction services are centralised into the control room as well as app based cloud systems for back up response. The system can link to your CCTV systems for off site monitoring. In the event you require CCTV , Access Control, and Alarm system installation, Blue Hawk can provide a risk assessment and quotation for your requirements

The CCTV Control room offering can also link to our drone technology providing off site patrolling of Client sites, with dedicated pilots on site on a month to month contract

CIU | Crime Intervention Unit | Anti-Illegal Mining

Blue Hawk Tactical has been at the forefront of AIM (Anti Illegal Mining) operations for the past 6 years

Our teams are highly trained with military backgrounds. We have successfully arrested of over 1 300 criminals involved in illegal mining and criminal activities over the past 18 months.  Please feel free to visit our Twitter, Instagram, Website and Facebook pages for an arrest track record second to none

advanced k10 Unit



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